1938 Packard

One of the challenges of creating a new mini-doc every week for our #docaweek challenge is scheduling. As detailed as we are with our calendars there is always the chance that the subject of the documentary could have to reschedule.

That’s what happened this week! On Monday morning we got a call that our interviews would have to be pushed a week due to illness.


We decided to take the time available and help Skip’s father in-law move a few things from his old home to his new place out on the lake. It was a cold, wet Monday morning. In the garage sat a 1938 Packard which Skip’s father in-law had been restoring for some time. With his new home not having the garage space he’d come to the decision to pass it on.

Enter Antony’s dad… Antony FaceTimed his parents and asked his father if he’d like an old Packard.

His father’s exact words were, “I’m gobsmacked!”

At that moment we both knew what the mini-doc was for the week. This car, all its history and the transferring from one family to another had to be our newest #docaweek.

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