Mariah with Radical Rabbit has shifted our perspective big time! Her work in making healthy, delicious vegan soul food continues to attract new customers to her site. We found Radical Rabbit on Instagram here:

What we thought would be a retrospective episode looking at our first third of the year's #docaweek episodes took a hard turn and we had to be honest with ourselves and each other. Back to other people's stories next week!

Luke Pell has done a lot of things but his true passion is in songwriting. In this mini-doc, as part of our #docaweek project for 2019, we dive into the work of being a songwriter in Nashville, overcoming assumptions based on his time on The Bachelorette and the desire to continue to hone his craft as an artist.

Courney Hale and Knowledge Bank Nashville are doing some amazing work with Financial Literacy. We want to give a special thanks to VisionVille for their help in capturing footage for this doc. Visit their website at

Twende is a Kiswahili word meaning "Let's go!" Twende is a summit designed to connect black and brown founders with the networks, knowledge, and resources to help them grow beyond the first 3 years of their startup.

Aireka Harvell left her corporate job of ten years to pursue entrepreneurship and create an online platform that encourages local businesses and patrons to engage in a fun and refreshing way. Aireka is also on ifindwomen's platform and her company NODAT is growing and changing with her at the helm.

Our #docaweek project is a lot of fun. It's also A LOT OF WORK! Antony and Skip were feeling the weight of telling these stories to the best of their abilities. So, a sort of recharging was in order. Consumption of other people's creativity mixed with some family time was just what was needed.

The work of art is fascinating to us at TEN/28. In this mini-documentary we explore part of the process in creating beautiful ink and water art on canvas. Another beautiful part of the process for this particular documentary was the involvement of long time friend of Skip's, Stefan Scott Nelson.

We traveled out to the country this week y’all. There we met a foraging family who work their homestead to bring natural ingredients to their clients through the work of an apothecary. #docaweek

The exploration of one’s self is a worthy pursuit. Sarah Jane Chapman has been on such a journey for many years and now teaches others in the practice of yoga, massage and meditation to find peace and understanding with themselves. #docaweek

One of the challenges of creating a new mini-doc every week for our #docaweek challenge is scheduling. As detailed as we are with our calendars there is always the chance that the subject of the documentary could have to reschedule.

That’s what happened this week! On Monday morning we got a call that our interviews would have to be pushed a week due to illness.

It took us four years to complete our first feature length documentary. In our opinion that is too long for one story. We want to tell stories AND we love to work together. So, for the year of 2019 we are making one new mini-doc a week.