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Behind The Scenes

We are cranking out the mini-docs every week and we keep getting asked the same question... “How do you guys do one every week?” 

First off, let us say, “We love this question!”

It means people are actually watching our #docaweek project and we are grateful!  

When we set out to do this we didn’t realize to the full extent how much time and energy would be used on each one. We finish each week tired but it’s the good kind of tired.  

The kind of tired that says, “Whew, that was a lot of work but another week is done and onto the next challenge!  

Thanks for keeping up with us. We love sharing these stories!  

Now, gotta get into the edit again. Next week we’re talking about foraging on a Homestead/Apothecary.  

Loving Kindness

The exploration of one’s self is a worthy pursuit. Sarah Jane Chapman has been on such a journey for many years and now teaches others in the practice of yoga, massage and meditation to find peace and understanding with themselves.

This doc also allowed us to use new music from Anna Volpe

This mini-doc was shot in its entirety at Wild Heart Mediation Center

BOOM: A Serial Drama Podcast

Faith McQuinn and her team at Observer Pictures have created a Serial Drama Podcast. BOOM is a riveting drama that takes place in the theatre of the mind with incredible acting, music, foley and sound design.

Our focus on making this mini-doc for our #docaweek project was to somehow incorporate the way we listen to podcasts, what they do to us and how in the world something like this is even created.

Obviously with our schedule for posting a doc a week EVERY week in 2019 we don’t have the ability to follow along with every aspect of an actual podcast production. We were excited to collaborate with Faith, Amanda, Joshua and the rest of the team as they provided behind the scenes shots, sound design and music for this fun documentary about making stuff.

1938 Packard

One of the challenges of creating a new mini-doc every week for our #docaweek challenge is scheduling. As detailed as we are with our calendars there is always the chance that the subject of the documentary could have to reschedule.

That’s what happened this week! On Monday morning we got a call that our interviews would have to be pushed a week due to illness.


We decided to take the time available and help Skip’s father in-law move a few things from his old home to his new place out on the lake. It was a cold, wet Monday morning. In the garage sat a 1938 Packard which Skip’s father in-law had been restoring for some time. With his new home not having the garage space he’d come to the decision to pass it on.

Enter Antony’s dad… Antony FaceTimed his parents and asked his father if he’d like an old Packard.

His father’s exact words were, “I’m gobsmacked!”

At that moment we both knew what the mini-doc was for the week. This car, all its history and the transferring from one family to another had to be our newest #docaweek.

Live True Vintage

In our third installment of our docaweek project we visited Tammy Firebaugh out in Old Hickory, TN to talk about the passion behind Vintage Clothing.

Tammy was an absolute delight to interview and her store is filled with treasures to find hiding in plain site.

During our time there we also had to try on a few clothes ourselves. We made a little teaser video of that right here.

East Nashville Beer Works

East Nashville Beer Works is located exactly where you think it’d be. We spent the day interviewing Sean Jewett and Anthony Davis during a typical day of production of this locally crafted beer.

Even though we’ve only been doing the #docaweek project for a couple of weeks we were surprised to find in the midst of these interviews a common thread in our own lives and rewired our thinking on what these mini-docs should be moving forward. We like to think of our Craft Beer docaweek as version 2.0 and the first of the full series of our #docaweek project for 2019.

Crosswalks in Nashville

We take on crosswalks in our second week of the new year. With population growth in Nashville, traffic and pedestrians have to be careful to watch out for one another.

One Last Summit

In his search for truth, Ken Rideout questioned everything. My friend and teacher chose to travel back to Thailand after doctors gave him the news of his failing health. I had to tell his story. Rejected by his own religious establishment countless times, Ken helped me navigate the deconstruction of my beliefs to find a God who loves Everyone and can be found in Anyone.