Behind The Scenes

We are cranking out the mini-docs every week and we keep getting asked the same question... “How do you guys do one every week?” 

First off, let us say, “We love this question!”

It means people are actually watching our #docaweek project and we are grateful!  

When we set out to do this we didn’t realize to the full extent how much time and energy would be used on each one. We finish each week tired but it’s the good kind of tired.  

The kind of tired that says, “Whew, that was a lot of work but another week is done and onto the next challenge!  

Thanks for keeping up with us. We love sharing these stories!  

Now, gotta get into the edit again. Next week we’re talking about foraging on a Homestead/Apothecary.  

Cedarhill Homestead

Loving Kindness