A really smart, talented, funny, caring, Ph.D #thisiscrazylove2016

A really smart, talented, funny, caring, Ph.D #thisiscrazylove2016

I had to go back through emails and Facebook posts to piece together when I met Susan Barone. It was the Spring of 2010 when I made the walk from Belmont Church, where I worked at the time, over to a Vanderbilt building on 18th Avenue.

I met Susan because I was getting involved with some of the Saudi students who were going to play in a yearly soccer tournament.

I was intrigued by her from the get go. Not a tall person I watched as she walked into a room and gathered respect from all around. There's a power to her that I was nervous of for a little while.

Then one day, after brief interactions in classrooms and her offices I met with her in the parking lot and our conversation went another way. It was more personal and though I still felt the strength of her character I also met a person I could be friends with.

A couple of year went by and we became social but never saw each other outside of work related things.

Then, one evening we finally got our ladies together for a double date and as we sat at dinner it was like Beckie and I were dining with long time friends.

After that we gathered with she and Sonya several times and what I was always most impressed by was their love and care for my wife Beckie.

I judge people rather strongly by how they treat my wife.

Then Susan and Sonya asked me to help with their wedding reception. I've been to a fair number of weddings and wedding receptions over the years but being included in theirs was one of the most beautiful evenings I'd been involved.

They are always interested in what is going on in our lives as we are with them.

I love them both very much but today's crazy love goes specifically to Susan who makes me laugh and learn and see people from other countries and cultures as the brilliant people they are.

Today we were going to get together for a walk but the cold weather kept all of us indoors.

I know though that the next time we meet up it will be as though no time has passed.

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