American Airlines #thisiscrazylove2016

Today's love goes to a good number of people whom shall remain nameless. Not because I don't want to celebrate them publicly. Rather because I respect their Ardent Anonymity.

I know, let's call them Andy Anderson. They, like me, are on an Awesome Adventure in this life. They meet their days with prayer and meditation.

I meet with these friends over a cup of bad coffee and good conversation. We share our experiences as we trudge the road.

They don't want any recognition. So, outside of the spaces where we meet I won't give it to them personally. But collectively, I'll give them all kinds of Adoring, Admiring love. 

Theses friends of mine tell me things I need to hear. And At the same time they listen intently to my words as I try to express the ramblings on that go around about in between my ears.

So today I give sweet crazy love to my friends who share a mutual friend with me.

R.V. #thisiscrazylove2016

Toothless #thisiscrazylove2016