A kernel of #thisiscrazylove2016

You know that feeling when you get a popcorn kernel stuck between your tooth and your gums? This #thisiscrazylove2016 isn't about that. You know that feeling when you spend all day long either poking at or tonguing that seemingly seashell size monstrosity in your teeth?  This #thisiscrazylove2016 isn't about that either. Finally, Who can't identify with your tongue going completely numb or feeling raw because of the constant effort of trying to get that stupid kernel out from between your teeth? Well, this, as you may suspect is not what today's #thisiscrazylove2016 is about.

This is my favorite photo of Colleen. It shows SO much.  

This is my favorite photo of Colleen. It shows SO much.  

This blog post is about that moment when the kernel is finally broken free. That moment of absolute bliss, excitement and thrill of accomplishment. It's about Colleen Whitver. That's what she is to me. I know. Weird analogy right? Give me a break. I've getting over a serious bout with the feel bads.

She is the relief that comes after going after a mind numbing problem and finally having breakthrough.

Colleen challenges me almost every day. Thanks to Facebook and the fact that I have it set to have her posts pop up on my feed above many others I see all kinds of her writes.

And the thing is, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Many people have known her over the years to be about the best teacher this side of the Mississippi.

See, here's how it breaks down. Please keep in mind I'm still getting over the sickies. I've been sick since Saturday night and boom-di-otta, t'was a doozy!

Anyway, I will pick, poke, press and tongue at a proverbial kernel in the gums of societal problems and then I'll touch base with Colleen and she will take all my thoughts, ask me a couple of questions and voila, out comes the pesky protuberance with ease.

I want to write more about this amazing person and perhaps I'll do a double dip on crazylove when I'm not spinning 'round the room as if on drugs. So today I give #thisiscrazylove2016 to Colleen Whitver.

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