A Gentleman's Guide to a successful #thisoscrazylove undertaking.

1. Don't post political stuff.


2. Compliment that person who posts a pic of what they're wearing every day. Clearly they're proud of it. Make their day.


3. Post a #TBT photo with an old friend with something about how great they were whilst you were young.


4. If the word Trump is in the post, use the backspace button until the post is gone.


5. Start thinking about who you want to share love with early in the A.M.


6. Have a V8.


Sorry, I'm pounding out this list during commercial breaks. Scratch that. A V8 would make you feel better and that would lead to a happier you and that may cause you to share a little of your new found wellness bliss with others in the form of a nice thing to say.


7. Go to the store. Buy a greeting card. Write a short message and then take a picture of it and share it on the person's wall.


I feel like they last one got away from me. Maybe pop a stamp on it and put it in the mail.


8. Don't post political stuff.


9. And finally, don't be too picky about rules and assumptions. For example, at this point you should let it go that there aren't ten things in this list.


Share #thisiscrazylove2016 everyday and just watch how the world becomes a brighter place.

Short and sweet #thisiscrazylove2016

Should I stand or should I sit? #thisoscrazylove2016