Mr. Tipton #thisiscrazylove2016

Sometimes you meet a guy that seems to connect like a lifelong friend. You meet him and within minutes you're speaking the same language and have a similar shorthand.

One such fella is the hobby of my friend Dana.

Daniel Tipton with his bride, Dana Powell.  

Daniel Tipton with his bride, Dana Powell.  

Side note: Dana will be returning to Modern Family this Thursday night to reprise her role as Pameron, the Midwestern sister to Cam.

Daniel Tipton is a St. Louis boy who, like me, bleeds Cardinal red.

We met at Dana's and my twentieth year class reunion. We talked and laughed and shared jokes about Dana.

Daniel has worked for years in LA on a lot of great projects but that's not why I like him so much.

I like him, nah, I love him because of how big a fan he is of his wife. This is big in my book.there is no one I like celebrating more than my bride of twelve plus years.

Daniel does this on the interwebs and I can only assume he does so in real life as well.

So today, though there isn't much history, I give my #thisiscrazylove2016 today to Daniel Tipton.

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