Passionate #thisiscrazylove2016

There was this State Representative who bought a gun the other day and brought it in to a sub committee hearing or something to show how easily it could be obtained without a background check. Lots of stuff has been talked about on both sides of this thing, as per usual on any and all things where the people disagree.

This woman is so cool.  

This woman is so cool.  

As soon as I saw the post today I thought of my friend Carol Frazier. She is passionate about gun control and I love her for it. Not because I am passionate about it. I struggle with the whole conversation as I can understand some stuff on both sides. Oh, and I get easily confused and people can usually out debate me 'cuz I don't do well with arguing.

She is passionate about a lot more than just this one thing.

And that's what I love about her. She lives with the dial all the way to eleven with passion. When Carol is going after something... Anything, she goes after it with focus and vigor and all those other words that convey zeal.

She also makes me laugh. I'm a sucker for funny people and she hilarious. Not the goofy way that I like to roll but the dry wit with a small dose of sarcasm.

There one more thing to add to this list of lovin' Carol.

She always, and I mean always, asks about my wife.

See, my wife stopped going to church years ago. That's another story but there were quite a few folks that never seemed to notice she wasn't ever around. There are a select few that continued and continue to ask about her from time to time but this post isn't about them. With Carol it was alway on her mind.

Carol is a brilliant, talented, strong, caring person and I am glad to call her my friend.

An extra "r" in Garry and hard to spell last name #thisiscrazylove2016

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