King #thisiscrazylove3016

For the last year or so I've been working on an idea for a web series with one of my production partners. It's been a lot of fun to think up and craft scripts and begin the casting process.

Then one day the entire concept changed. It grew. It became something better than I could have ever imagined.

It changed because I was able to add Bakari King to the project.

Bakari King as Frederick Douglas.  

Bakari King as Frederick Douglas.  

I met Bakari several years ago at the beginning of a school year. I saw him on stage introducing the production and its team for the Middle School students musical.

I saw this dapper man (the Middle School Drama teacher) standing on stage bestowing thanks and heartfelt blessings to anyone and everyone who had the smallest or largest role to play either on stage or off.

These two though. Come on! 

These two though. Come on! 

Knowing him the way I do now, this all makes perfect sense. It's just his way. 


Bakari is a giver. He is complimentary of others. He points out people's talents and is one to champion people's dreams.

Also, he is hilarious. If you haven't figured out by this time in my year long endeavor to write about a person a day for a year, funny is always big in my book.

When we got Bakari involved in conversations about our web shorts the excitement level rose. His enthusiasm and creativity were on another level.

I've seen him perform on stage. He sets forth with a determination and delivers with an ease that lets me know he has spent hours in contemplation about the character's words and motivations.

I have heard from others of his generosity, his willingness to listen to ideas and his desire for the best of all involved to be what is presented to the audience.

For these reasons and more than I can write this late in the evening I give #thisiscrazylove2016 tonight to Bakari King!

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