Original #thisiscrazylove2016

Yesterday I spent a long lunch with the creator of this here hashtag mutiny.

It was one of those "let's catch up because it has been a long while" lunches.

It was also a time for him to share some crazy love with me because I've been a little down and out.

Damn, that's a handsome man.  

Damn, that's a handsome man.  

Here's the thing about Tyler. First off, I know I've already shared a little bit of crazylove with him but when I did so I explained I'd most likely be doing it again. And here that is.

Tyler Merritt is one of the most encouraging... No, scratch that. He is THE most encouraging person I know.

I have known Tyler for about ten years now and I've seen him encourage and cheer people day after day after day.

This whole hashtag love thing doesn't surprise me coming from him. He is all about sharing love with others.

Tyler is also all about finding the good in everything.

I must admit there have been times in the past where I think, "Come in Tyler, that movie or television show just stunk up the room. Don't try to tell me ANYTHING good about it."

All said, Tyler does find the good in everything. Especially the creative world.

Even the so called worst movie ever made STILL got made. That in itself is amazing.

What I so appreciate is that he is not a critic. He's a enjoyer of art.

But let's forget the creative world for a second. Even as he is able to celebrate the good in art he is able to do so way more with people.

Whether they be long time friends needing a lunch to talk out the downtrodden days of frustration with a series of, "No thanks. Not interested" or a perfect stranger who Tyler meets and sees that they need a pick me up. He'll then give a word of encouragement to the person sitting across from him and that person will walk away feeling a little lighter. A little more appreciated. A little celebrated.

So, all this to say it doesn't matter that I have already written #thisiscrazylove2016 to Tyler. If anyone deserves a second pass, he's the one who does.

Roxy #thisiscrazylove2016

Caffeinated #thisiscrazylove2016