Mi amigo #thisiscrazylove2016

My wife and I have a guilty pleasure. It's called Las Palmas.

There is one close to our house and we take advantage of that fact a little too often.

Over the years of eating there we've gotten to know several from the staff.

A few days ago I went in for dinner by myself. I saw my friend Mauricio. It had been a while since I'd seen him and he looked thin.

Mauricio has always been this tall, solid Latino man full of smiles and cheer.

When I saw him a couple of days ago I saw a skinnier, drawn looking man. I embraced his smaller frame and greeted him.

At this point he and his wife aren't sure exactly what's wrong. They know it has something to do with his kidneys.

If you're a prayer kind of person, please pray for Mauricio.

God knows I am. And today he gets #thisiscrazylove2016

A young seventy-something #thisiscrazylove2016

Worth a thousand words #thisiscrazylove2016