Four ways to share some crazy love

Perhaps I'm still a bit jaded. I'm trying to share the love. I really am. But yesterday's tweet that I mentioned early this morning is still rolling around in my mind. It's okay.

I don't have to live with the grim reality that someone out there hates me enough to send me a death threat. I can sympathize from afar.

So, as I try to process that fact along with the horrible things happening in Africa and the Middle East right now or the horrible news we're getting about a man who died in his cell four years ago and what else... There's got to be something else. Oh yes. Politics. I don't know why that was hard to remember seeing that it is THE ONLY THING ON THE NEWS when I'm at work. Instant replay of candidates voting instead of all the hurt or awesomeness.

So, here's the deal. A proper how to:

1. Post your political stuff. Go ahead. But remember, please, that the snide comments or name calling takes you from opinionated to just a plain old jackass. Like Bernie, like Hillary, Trump, Cruz or the other guy but let's all take a little break from explaining how all the others are despicable human being but somehow yours is the next messiah like King. 

2. If you love guns, post about your guns and have fun doing it.  I totally get it even though I don't own one myself. However, making comments about certain people in power or people of other races or religions staring down the barrel of your supercharged wonder gun makes me think you might need to be swatted by a rolled up newspaper because well, that kind of thinking is beastly.

3. If you don't like what someone else posted, ignore it. Don't comment. It's useless. There's truly NO POINT other than getting a thread shoot out at the World Wide Corral. Side note, if that won't work you can stop following the person if their posts infuriate you or.. And this might be a tough one, just disconnect from them online. Don't worry. You'll still probably see them at church or at a Sounds game with you kids. And if there at said game perhaps a better conversation would be how in the world we can get Ozzie back and get rid of the Hot Chicken mascot.

4. If for some reason number three just seems an impossible task try this one and feel free to just copy and paste:

Dear friend,

I am confused by your recent post(s) and would really like to get together to talk about it (them) when you have some time. I value our friendship and want to understand where you are coming from.

Thank you, hope to see you soon.


This concludes my rant. I promise to return tomorrow with a lovely sentiment about someone I know. 

Crazy love to you all.  

The Truth You Know You Know #thisiscrazylove2016

The Truth You Know You Know #thisiscrazylove2016

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