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Overalls, Virginity, Documentaries and the Glitterboy Experience

I was in my early twenties. It was late and I was over at a friend’s house. One thing led to another… as it often did and next thing you know I lost my virginity. Up to that moment I had played the game many people with seventeen levels of religious guilt deal with. Trying to keep our V Card in a way that is still gratifying to the body but somehow stay in God’s good graces by some sort of loophole.

Greg's profile pic today.

Greg's profile pic today.

She was a HUGE Prince fan. In fact, all these years later, she was one of the first people I thought of. I know, all these years later, she isn’t taking today very well.
The next day I got up around eleven and had lunch with my friend Greg.
He lived downstairs and we spent a lot of time together. We’d either be playing Tekken on Playstation (No, I didn’t leave off a number there… There was ACTUALLY at one time an original Playstation and it was amazing) or we’d be waxing on about the seemingly effortless brilliance of Mamet or Lynch.
We dreamed of one day making films ourselves but more about that in a moment.
Greg was also a musician. He would and could talk for hours about music. One such artist he was completely impressed with was, you guessed it, Prince. He, like so many would go on and on about the genius of the artist.
He was also in a group called, "Glittery Experience.” It was a combination of original songs and eighties covers in the 1990’s. Yeah that’s right! They shouted out the eighties with total zeal forcing the nay saying Bud Light drinking frat boys to start pretending they weren’t enjoying the greatness that was 1985.
Anyway, Greg and I went to lunch the next street over and as we ate our chicken fried rice I told him about the loss of my innocence (as they incorrectly say). I was terrified. I was sure I had just sealed the deal with the big judge in the sky that what I had done would completely wreck the rest of my life. Greg assured me I would be okay. He helped me a lot that day, mostly by listening.
Another thing He did was introduce me to a group called Big Smith. They actually called themselves Big Smith and the Half-moons. That band has had a profound impact on my life. And I was amazed to find out that my documentary would be able to use their music in a few key places.
Speaking of documentaries, Greg worked as editor of the film, “Prescription Thugs” which was just made available yesterday on Netflix. I’ll be watching and so should you.
In fact, with all the Prince conversations today I want to point out that I was not a HUGE fan. I loved his music. If it came on in my shuffle I would always love it but it was hardly ever my go to. My #thisiscrazylove2016 goes to Greg because of his work on the documentary. Finishing a movie is hard. Getting it seen by others is even harder. He did it.
Oh, and remember that band that reminds you of overalls? Their last album has a bluegrass version of Raspberry Beret. Sadly it won’t be in my upcoming doc but man, it’s awesome!