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Loden Vision Centers Exercise Bike

Loden Vision Centers

Dr. Loden and his team have been a wonderful example of how a business and production company can collaborate to tell great stories.

Loden Vision Centers Exercise Bike

The hassle of wearing glasses during a workout can be frustrating. We were lucky to get Kitana Louise for this shoot knowing we’d need to have her on the bike, actually riding, for several hours. She was, as always, a pro!

Loden Vision Centers "Love your glasses"

One of the many options available at Loden Vision Centers is a wide assortment of eyewear.

Amanda Card and Moiba Mustapha knocked their performances out of the park in this :30 clip

Loden Vision Centers "Seeing all generations"

If we’ve learned anything in this life it is to listen to those who’ve been here longer. Ron Loftis and Spencer LaMountain worked in the bitter cold to capture this commercial about a grandfather and grandson touring a college campus.

Loden Vision Centers Baby's First Steps

Being a parent is a lot of work. Being a new parent means there are firsts every day and sometimes every minute. Having to deal with vision can get in the way of seeing every new moment.

Darci Wantiez gave a fantastic performance in this web spot about a mother missing her baby’s first steps.