Episode 35: Dusty Slay

Dusty Slay is a comic living in Nashville, TN but travelin' round the US of A telling his jokes and making people laugh. After seeing him at TPAC opening for Tig Notaro I had to have him on the podcast. 

You can find out all about him, get his albums or find his tour dates at

He also has a regular show at Zanies in Nashville each month so if you're in the area, check it out! 


Episode 34: The Tyler Merritt Project

Tyler Merritt is a long time friend. We sat down to discuss all things creative. Like most episodes I had little planned and based on previous conversations with Tyler I knew this would just be a fun ride. Settle in because it's a longer episode but if you're a fan of Tyler hang in there. He drops some news on the project he's been working on for the last two years. Yep, that's right. You heard it here first. You're gonna be one of those people that are in the know. How good does that feel? Now, quit reading this and click play. 

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Christopher Peake

Christopher Peake, a former foreign correspondent and journalist sat down with Skip in his home outside of Franklin, TN. No longer working in journalism, Chris is now setting his focus on narration work. His voice combined with his desire to take other artists' words and bring them to life is sure to be a great thing to give to the world.  To contact Chris for narration work contact him at crrpeake@aol.com 


Episode 29: Gunner Jackson

Gunner Jackson is a new short film series about a conspiracy realist. I had a blast watching the first episode at the Nashville Film Festival this week and wanted to talk to the film's creators, Christian Strevy, Shahin Izadi and Julie St. John. 

You can find all kinds of awesome stuff about them and this project here: http://www.gunnerjacksonfilms.com


27: David Durham

Skip and Antony sit down with David Durham to talk about the creative process as well as David's podcast, blog and his company World to the Wise! One of the many things David does is take people on cultural tours around the world to help them see the beauty of other cultures and understand the great diversity of our planet. 

You can find his work here: www.daviddurham.org

Corey Pigg

Corey Pigg is a failed Missionary creatively processing trauma via a podcast. He is a former member of YWAM Nürnberg and has great concerns for what is being done there. His journey is beautiful, rough and honest and his desire to see people triumph through trauma is an amazing story. You can find Corey's new venture here: www.failedmissionary.com

Episode 20: Rick Prince

Episode 16: Ethan Bryan and SuperBo

Got to sit down with my old friend Ethan Bryan in Springfield, MO to talk about his new book. This book is about a young boy and you WON'T want to miss it! Please go to the link in the show notes to buy this book and help out this AMAZING story!!! 

Go buy the book!