Daoud Abudiab

Daoud Abudiab is the person who inspired the name of this Podcast - SameDifferentS - Born in Paelestine, he is a Father, Husband, and Business Executive. He started a mosque in Columbia, Tennessee, that in and of itself is a deep story touched on in this episode.. As we begin,
please read the words of a recent Facebook post from my Muslim friend, Daoud Abudiab - 

"God is not only loving but He is The All Merciful. These divine attributes combined extend His love to those who have not earned it, but are nevertheless deserving. We are deserving because He is our Creator, each and every one of us. His love and mercy encompass all. It is human that you and I struggle to do the same. Struggle, however, implies we strive to do better with the rising of the sun. 
When you and I are comfortable with who we are and accept where everyone else is, by God's will, then I believe it becomes easier to live out our own faith for our own salvation and I trust Him with your salvation. I cannot love you more than He loves you."

Melissa Greene

Woman, Leader, Feminist..PASTOR - What picture do those words bring to mind (add worship leader, CCM Voice, mom,)  - I had a conversation with Melissa Greene Associate Pastor of GracePointe Church in Franklin, TN - For Melissa, life is not just a series of goals to be reached - but it's not just a journey, she has found a third way.. and we talk about where she has been on this Podcast of SameDifferentS

Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler is a hair stylist and Make-up Artist, a Painter and Sculptor (soon-to-be) Author, Father, married, divorced, engaged, Gay, Straight and everything in between.. Our conversation scratched a very colorful and intriguing surface of a man who is SameDifferentS - spend about an hour with us and our conversation.

Chris Boeskool

As a fledgling Podcast celebrationg differences this 'cast is with someone much the same. chris Boeskool is a blogger picked up by Huffington Post and other organizations that feel people need to benefit from his perspective.. a Feminist, Progressive Christian, Husband, Father and potty humor aficionado. - Get to know Chris and check out his Blog at TheBoeskool.com

Episode 2: Rondriquez White (Co-Founder of Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter)

Rondriquez White is a Co-Founder of the Nashville Chapter of Black Lives Matter - Before forming Nashville's chapter, he traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to join the protests that started after the death of Michael Brown. Our conversation happened just after the death of Police Officers at a march in Dallas - We talk about what Black Lives Matter is to him, how he sees relationships between races and his powerful time in Ferguson with black leaders from around the country at a time when he was overwhelmed. Listen to his story, listen to what affects our worlds - I am still learning.