Laughter #thisiscrazylove2016

Laughter #thisiscrazylove2016

I was going to wait a while before throwing out this hashtag mutiny installment of #thisiscrazylove2016 but after a night of games with this gal I just couldn't resist. Today I throw my love to Mercedi Surface.

I met Mercedi by way of her fella Rick, my wife's cousin.

Mercedi gets the nod today not because of the lovely attitude she has toward others. Though she does have that.

She doesn't get the nod because of her congruous searching for what is divine in this world and what is divine in the ether.

She doesn't get the nod because of her nonjudgmental nature with people she may not be simpatico with.

She doesn't get the nod because of her first ever YouTube video that garnered over a million views. You can see it here:

She doesn't even get the nod for her desire to introduce creative friends with one another to see if sparks will fly in a awe inspiring production of originality, entertainment and information.

She gets my vote for #thisiscrazylove2016 today because of her laugh.

When Mercedi laughs, the space fills with joy like a room full of naive children who've just seen an amazing magic trick.

Whenever I know I will be hanging out with Rick and Mercedi I know I will leave the experienced charged with happiness because of what her laugh does for me.

Thank you Mercedi. Your laugh is something the world needs.

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