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A few weeks ago I joined in on a Twitter thread from a company called Seed&Spark. It's a crowdsourcing, crowd-funding, distribution company rolled into one and it is only focused on visual media. 

***This is crazy, a person a day for the whole year of 2016 to show love and appreciation to on social media. It may be someone in my everyday life or someone I may not have spoken to for years. You can feel free to jump into this craziness with all of us and start today. It’s never to late this year to start the love and appreciation. Check out the rest of the crazies participating with: ‪#‎thisiscrazylove2016‬ - Tyler Merritt

I've spent a few months on the site enjoying the content provided and seeing the vast work of creativity being contributed. 

During the thread a woman in Pennsylvania reached out to me. We've shot each other messages back and forth and offered each other whatever help we can for the other's endeavors.

Since following her I have found more in common with her than just film. It's been great meeting her in this way. 

Today I share #thisiscrazylove2016 with Tatiana Bacchus. She's been working for two years to develop a documentary called Freedom Denied. 

"Checkin out my interview with Tatiana Bacchus"   —  Nakia Dillard.

"Checkin out my interview with Tatiana Bacchus" —  Nakia Dillard.

Freedom Denied posthumously tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Pierre’s near decade-long the United States, as told by the attorneys and community activists who fought side-by-side for his freedom. 

She also just posted on Twitter a little while ago a tweet from Arvel Chappell III and his story of coming out of Compton as  a pilot and filmmaker. Here's the trailer and blogpost from the director. 

All said, this is what excites me about social media. It enables us to find like minded people from all over and encourage one another, promote one another and possibly even collaborate with one another to creat a better world to share. 

Thank you Tatiana! Today #thisiscrazylove2016 is headed to the Eastern Timezone. 

Shared Spirit #thisiscrazylove2016

Circular Breathing #thisiscrazylove2016