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For my 40th birthday I treated myself to Thai Yoga Massage. 

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To this day it is the single best gift I have ever purchased for myself. Part of what made it so wonderful was the person who gave me said massage. I met Julia Rix years ago as she worked with my wife at USN. I remember thinking at that time how much I was sure I’d love getting to know her. She rode a scooter, was studying to as a yogi and after getting better acquainted at a Saturday Playground Clean Up Day she just seemed like one of those people I’d get along with. 

Several years went by and Beck and I got re-engaged with her and her husband Jano. She had been studying Yoga and getting certified as a message therapist. I had never put the two together to realize a greater goal. 

Enter Thai Yoga Massage. 

She brings with her touch, massage and healing the joy of life and the search from knowledge.

She brings with her touch, massage and healing the joy of life and the search from knowledge.

Then, several months went by and I was at another Saturday Playground Clean Up Day. I was lifting one end of a railroad tie sized slab of lumber and POP!!! 

I called Julia and she got to me the next day to help. 

Once again, back to goodness after her magical abilities.

That brings me to today. Pulled something in my back again. Called Julia and I will be going over to see her as soon as the roads clear up. 

Now, all that said, this isn’t what I love most about Julia. 

I love her curiosity about how the connection of the material and immaterial worlds work together. I love her heart for social justice. I love her desire to learn new things every day!

I love her desire to give back. 

After our first session of massage I felt a connection with Julia that I hadn’t felt with many people in such a short time. It was a real gift. There was this shared experience where the veil of spirituality was made visible in a mysterious way. The thing is, she gets to share this with people anytime she provides a massage. 

All that said, she can’t just wake up and give give give. 

I think she kinda likes that fella of hers.

I think she kinda likes that fella of hers.

Julia is someone who spends time at the proverbial well to draw life’s water so as to have something to give. 

Her thirst for knowledge, spirit, experience and community in all the above is why this sore back sloth who needs to get back into the ways of healthy living gives his crazy love to Julia Rix today. 

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