Strong love #thisiscrazylove2016

I was living on Long Blvd. Sitting on the front stoop of the dilapidated house I called home I saw a woman and her dog walk by.

The year was 2002.

The woman, with short brown hair and a big white smile, was friendly.

The dog was extra friendly. A black and white collie with seemingly endless endurance.


I had always been a fan of dogs. But I don't think I really made the connection of "man's best friend" until I met Theresa and her Samson.

In this duo I saw a teamwork of master and follower.

I wanted what they had. I wanted that loyalty. I wanted that partnership.

It's what I was looking for in Ruby Sue back in 2006. Sadly she didn't have long for this world. As I write this note May Belle is sitting behind me on the couch. She's never willing to be too far from me if I am at home.

Pops is sitting at the front door staring out to see what world happenings he is missing out on. He gives a glance back at me every so often as if to say, "When you're done pounding on that little contraption we could go for a walk."

My love for my dogs is directly connected to the memories I have of Theresa and her Samson.

Today I give #thisiscrazylove2016 to Theresa Tholkes Hawkins who had to say goodbye to her sweet Samson yesterday after 14 years. I cannot imagine the change in her world today so I give her this small token of appreciation to let her know love is coming from Tennessee.

Privilege #thisiscrazylove2016

Tears of wisdom #thisiscrazylove2016