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The hardest part of my new life is all the time spent alone. I've had several conversations with people over the last few weeks about how lonely my days can be.

See, I'm an outgoing person who thrives off of the activity and ideas of others. It's like sunlight for plants or water for fish.

Any time I can post a pic of a person with a dog in happy.  

Any time I can post a pic of a person with a dog in happy.  

So in those moments where I am able to actually spend time with people it is cherished.

Today I had a two hour meeting with my buddy Antony and a new-ish friend Steven.

Steven is one of those people who, upon meeting I just knew we'd be friends. Not only that, in conversations with one another we've discovered that we will in fact work together soon. I've got some stuff in the works and Steven is the perfect person to execute my vision for these things.

Better than all of that though is the fact that being around him charges my creative batteries.

DP on feature film in 2006.  

DP on feature film in 2006.  

This is a rare gift and when one finds such a thing it must be cherished.

Creativity is in one sense nothing more than a willingness to dream. To dream big crazy ideas at that.

When a creative person finds someone willing to wander into those dreams alongside, she or he should take notice, join forces and work to make those dreams a reality.

Thanks to Antony for the introduction. Thanks to Steven for the willingness to dream. Thanks to Tyler for this who hashtag love in the first place.

14 years #thisiscrazylove2016

Creative #thisiscrazylove2016