14 years #thisiscrazylove2016

I can't believe it has been fourteen years. Fourteen years since our first date.

Being the socially awkward person I was at the time Beck and I met I decided a great first date would be to take her to my friends' home to watch the Academy Awards.

Looking back I can see many reasons why this wasn't the best of ideas.

As I was thinking about what to write for Oscar Sunday I was trying to imagine what I'd say or who I'd give love to on this day so many of my artistic friends celebrate.

Then it dawned on me, today I'm gonna give my #thisiscrazylove2016 to anyone who was like me on that Sunday night fourteen years ago.

"Wait," you say... "What are you talking about?"

This was about ten months after we started dating.   Wow, were young!

This was about ten months after we started dating.   Wow, were young!

Something else happened that night. Something I didn't realize until I allowed myself to travel through my memory palace to replay the events of the evening.

That night Halle Berry slobbered and sobbed and accepted the award of Best Actress in a Leading Role. I remember at the time not really understanding the big deal.

I honestly remember thinking, AND SAYING, in the room full of people, "Why does this have to be about race?!?"

See, I couldn't see, at the time, how incredibly NOT diverse the room was.

I mean, Denzel was winning Best Actor the same night and Will Smith was also nominated for Best Actor in the same category!

See? There are people of color in this thing!

A total of three for the big categories but still... "They" are represented.

This is honestly how I thought at the time. Just fourteen years ago.

Ms. Berry annoyed me.

Fast forward to today. I'm so disgusted with the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Not just in color but also in gender, orientation, religion.... You name it.

It seems more and more that the things with the most bank behind them are either all white straight men or seriously obvious stereotypes.

And this is what saddens me most.

But, at least this guy that once made fun of a moment so special for so many back in 2002 has grown up a little bit.

And let me tell you, if a guy like me can learn a little bit about how this ACTUALLY matters then there's hope for everyone.

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