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I had an amazing conversation this afternoon. It all started a few weeks ago when my friend Jordan Gaertner sent me a message asking for a little advice on a short film she is doing for a competition at her high school.

I lost the note but remembered she had sent it. Then there was a little back and with her mother trying to figure out how I could help.

Back to today.

I asked her about her project and as she laid it out for me I found my eighteen year old self jealous of the thought, artistry and social commentary she had wrapped up in a short film.

Jordan is all kinds of fun and creative.  

Jordan is all kinds of fun and creative.  

We hashed out ideas and concepts. It was very refreshing.

My relationship with Jordan goes a little deeper than that. During times when I've been working in things with her mom, a marketing director of her own company, we've had some frog pins conversations. Ranging from arts to hippy-dippy farming to religion. She gave me thoughtful input on the documentary I'm working on and I think of her notes as I edit the new version of the film. I'm continuously impressed with the thoughtful considerations she makes as she engaged in conversation with a guy who's old enough to be her father.

So for all that, today's #thisiscrazylove2016 goes to Jordan. I hope she never stops creating. Of course with a marketing creative for a mom and a craftsman cabinet maker for a father I don't think she'll have any trouble keeping the art alive.

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