Drive through #thisiscrazylove2016

Today's #thisiscrazylove2016 goes to the woman in front of me at the McDonalds this morning. And not the good willed pay it forward you're hoping for...

I woke up this morning and went to McDonalds for our Sunday morning breakfast. What can I say, Beckie likes her McD's Coke.

Let me set the stage for you as I openly pour out my neuroses with driving and the rules what need bein' follered. I pulled into the McDonalds/ Shell station parking lot. I followed the line up to the drive through. I knew it was the drive through as it had a solid yellow line on the pavement notating (runway style) the direction in which drivers should go.

I pulled up and coming from the back entry to the parking lot came a woman in a little silver Scion.

I moved forward slowly. She understood immediately that I was not intending to let her in.  She had come in the wrong way and expected to cross over the line behind the person in front of me.

I will admit, I yelled. Windows up but I yell, “That’s not how you do that!!!”

the woman driving the car, let’s call her Donna… Yes, Donna Thump. How’s that? Does that give you a good understanding of the person?

She yelled back. I don’t know what she said.

I responded with,”You have to go around like everyone else!”

Not sure if it was the appropriate response as our windows were still up.

She rolled hers down. I heard her yep, “There’s a child in this car.”

Lets pause for a second in the story. I have played this scenario over in my head many times today and for the life of me I can’t figure out why that was important information to disseminate. Perhaps she was expecting me to curse at her. No doubt with such driving habits she is used to it. Or maybe it was because of the child in back that they needed go on through. The child, in this hypothetical scene, was peckish and needed food in order to make it through the morning. Oh how I wish it were that one. I know for a fact that is the only possibility not possible at all. You’ll understand in a moment.

I rolled down my window. I said (in a loud voice), something else about the wrong direction or some such attempt at reasoning.

She then, as she began rolling her window back up said, “You need to follow us to church!”

I’m not one to overuse the LOL but in that moment I can tell you I LOLed louder and stronger than I have LOLed in a very long time.

All they said, I am serious when I say I give my crazy love to this woman today. She was not a friendly church going person. She was a meany pants.

But I give her love because I want this exercise in sharing love everyday to change me. I would love to be able to hit rewind and handle the whole experience over. I really would. And by that I don't mean get to the McDonalds five minutes earlier so she was someone else's problem. I fell short in the live out loud crazy love today but tomorrow's another day and maybe I'll cross paths with this woman again. Who knows, maybe I'll see her at church.

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