Not the worst person ever #thisiscrazylove2016 Non April Fools Edition

Cathy Carter Heiser is true. My favorite thing about this woman is the way she looks at a person she hasn't seen in a long while. She slouches ever so slightly, as if the excitement of seeing an old friend makes her knees buckle just a bit. Her head gets cocked to the side about 25° and the sweetness of her smile says, "Dear friend how I've missed seeing you. Come in for a hug."

Her response feels like home. Safe, nostalgic and full of love.

Cathy has walked with me through some difficult moments and her willingness to listen without showing any judgement is beyond my comprehension.

Her love for people is given competition only by her love for music. More specifically, worship music and when she is involved with leading a worship service she is conscious of guiding everyone through a collective experience to show God honor and Glory.

Cathy is a beautiful friend with a wonderful sense of humor and a fragile heart for those hurting.

I love Cathy very much and I miss seeing every week. However, I know that when I do see her again, the head will be cocked and her arms will stretch out to give me a hug and a friend's hello.

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