Brake time #thisiscrazylove2016

This notion of writing about a person each day for a year to spread a little love around social media amidst the anti-social behavior has been fun.

I know that often times I come off as a record stuck on a single groove bit it needs to be repeated as the readership from day to day is a new group of people perhaps reading for the first time due to who is tagged.

Status update today! 

Status update today! 

I wrote about Noah Barone a little while back. Part of Noah's daily life revolves around a walker to keep him stable as he tries to traverse the same terrain as everyone else peripatetically.

Today's #ThisIsCrazyLove2016 goes to Halcyon Bike Shop for fixing the brake cable on his walker. They took him right in and got him on his merry way.

I gotta say that the idea of Noah in a bike shop gets me excited on so many levels. As he continues to work with doctors, gain support from donors, family and friends I dream of the day he gets to go back on to Halcyon to have a bike made just for him.

I used to be a bike commuter and the dealings I had with Halcyon were always great.

It was at the time of my biking a little shop full of rag tag mad scientist who took great pride in their work.

They have since moved to a larger place around the corner and though I've not been in for a while it seems that spirit is still present and accounted for in their business.

Way to go Halcyon! You make Nashville proud.

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Visit Halcyon here.

Artistic Void #thisiscrazylove2016

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