Artistic Void #thisiscrazylove2016

Today's #thisiscrazylove2016 is to celebrate musicians. One of the greats passed today. 

I gotta admit that I wasn't some huge Haggard fan. I wasn't against him. I just never pursued his music and didn't look for a connection.  

Today's post is a video my wife and I shot and edited last year about another musician. One who was a HUGE fan of Merle.  

The night we shot this video we were introduced to Lou Bradley. A man who produced much of the great music we all know today. He worked closely with Haggard on some pretty amazing stuff and his stories are countless. We had the chance to interview Mr. Bradley at a later date but that interview is still in the edit as we put a pause on the entire project.  

I must admit that trying to explain who Lou is or what he means to music is kinda like me trying to explain the subtle nuances of a balet. That is to say, I'm clueless.  

Today I celebrate musicians and their craft. When a great inspiration like Merle Haggard passes it leaves a sort of void for those who were inspired by the work and art. I can sympathize as I know what I dealt when Robin Williams and Garry Shandling passed.  

But all that to say, here... Meet another musician who works with and inspires artists every time he takes out his upright bass.  

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Bub.  

Beau'ful Ice Cream #thisiscrazylove2016

Brake time #thisiscrazylove2016