You've got Questions... He's got answers

Today I would like to share my #thisiscrazylove2016 with Science Mike McHargue. As I have stated several times in blog posts on the documentary’s site and Facebook page, I met Mike through twitter after hearing his incredible story on the podcast "You Make it Weird" with Pete Holmes.

Logo for Ask Science Mike

Logo for Ask Science Mike

After hearing his story I searched the internet for all I could find about him. It was such a relief to find someone willing to live out faith and doubt so honestly. 

I now listen to Mike’s own podcast “Ask Science Mike” and find such joy and appreciation in the questions asked and the well thought out answers Mike works to give. 

The thing I find most important about his work is his humility to declare at any moment that he could actually be wrong about all that he believes. 

It is this humility I find most refreshing and attractive. 

I know #thisiscrazylove2016 campaign is primarily for sharing the love but I want to share Mike’s work as a way of sharing the love. 

Ask Science Mike 

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