Sister, #thisiscrazylove2016

Today's hashtag mutiny (#thisiscrazylove2016) goes to my sister, Jennifer Cordray. She will contend that at a very young age I pushed her out of our treehouse but I will tell you I did no such thing. I will, however, own up to the fact that years later I hit my brother in the back of the head with a ping pong paddle and had to drive him to the emergency room. 

It is a rabbit trail but please note that the time in life I hit my brother with said paddle I was at an age appropriate for operating a motor vehicle. 

Okay, digression complete. 

My sister is a dreamer. She loves to think up crazy ideas and see them come to pass. She, like me, sees the world in a way of how to make things better and more fun. 

When I was a kid I would mimic everything I saw. For example, I would ride my little big wheel up to the dishwasher, push the buttons and order a burger and fries with a root beer float like I was  at an old A&W.

A&W just like this one!!!

A&W just like this one!!!

She was the same.  

I remember her getting in trouble in daycare for walking around with a little stick between her fingers like a cigarette because she had seen Michelle Pfiefer doing it with a real smokey smoke in the movie Greece 2. (A movie I would suggest is soooooo much better than it was ever given credit.)

My sister was also athletic though. She was a soccer player until her torn ACL took her off the field. 

This we didn't have in common. I am NOT athletic. 

Today I love watching my sister let her own son dream. She encourages it and often calls me or texts me to let me know what crazy new thing he has come up with. 

She is my sister so I HAVE to love her but the reality is, I'd love her anyway. 

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