Sharing #thisiscrazylove2016 with Double K

I met Kevin Kline in Springfield, MO around the turn of the millennium. He was, as he is today, a contagious ball of extroverted energy who, like a college cheerleader is able to rouse any co-worker or peer into an excited state of enjoying life. 

Double K, as I liked to call him, worked at the Classic Rock station in my hometown (US97: Classic Rock that Rocks) and when I began working there in the sales department he welcomed me in with open arms. I don't remember if he was a program director or production director or what but I knew he was in charge of something and had a great time doing it. 

I called him Double K because I had to come up with something. He called me Super Sport at first but after finding my near tragic impersonation of Hall of Fame Sportscaster Jack Buck hilarious he would address me as either Jack or Mr. Buck. 

Kevin was always looking for the fun in life. 

Kevin Kline, Snowdrop Foundation

Kevin Kline, Snowdrop Foundation

He and his wife Trish went to another city after he got a job in another market and we went our separate ways. Then, after catching up with him in 2003 I invited them to my wedding to Beckie. 

I honestly don't remember where they were living at the time but they made the trip. I was blown away. Overtime I look at the gift they gave at the wedding I think of how amazing it was to have them show up from so far away.

Nowadays Kevin is still doing what he loves. He has a morning show with long time partner Tim Tuttle and Erica Rico in Houston and still carries that infectious zeal for life.  

He's also heavily involved with Snowdrop Foundation which provides scholarships for college bound pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors while raising awareness and funding for continued research to cure childhood cancer. (Mission Statement from website)

He runs marathons and raises awareness of childhood cancer. He has been outspoken about the false stigma that comes with mental illness. He loves baseball. He's the first person I ever knew to own a PT Cruiser. He's a death metal fan. He's a friend. And for that reason I share this day of #thisiscrazylove2016 with my friend Kevin Kline. 

I Want(iez) to share #thisiscrazylove2016 with a voice and talent like none other.

Sister, #thisiscrazylove2016